The Struggle is REAL!

Have you ever struggled to understand issues of mental health for you and those you love? So have I! As the Director of Mental Health at His Heart Foundation I have had the privilege to develop a NEW resource with some incredible counselors, especially designed for individuals and leaders who want accurate information from highly trained experts.

Mental Health Academy

I don’t know about you, but I don’t have time to be trained as a counselor, so the thought of having the counselors brought to me, in the comfort of my own home, is amazing! That’s exactly what the Mental Health Academy does. It will help you gain a clearer grasp of what those you love and serve are struggling with, and how you can confidently respond to their needs from a Christian perspective.

During the first year that I was connecting people to counselors here at His Heart, I was surprised to see the highest percentage of the counseling referrals were centered on trauma and PTSD.  That’s why we are launching our debut video course: Trauma—How to Understand and Respond to It. 

My Personal Story

Today I want to tell you my personal story.

After serving people as a minister and here at His Heart, I thought I had a pretty good understanding of trauma and how it affects your life.

I knew trauma was life-shattering and I’ve connected hundreds of people to counselors who needed therapy based on traumatic experiences.

But as I stood in the background watching this video series filmed, I started to cry.


At the time I wondered, “Where are these tears coming from?” Then as I edited the notes that would accompany the videos it all came together for me.

I saw myself in the words on the pages. I was shutting down, I was disassociating, I was angry, I was experiencing a sense of abandonment, and loneliness. I couldn’t deny it any longer, and I had to take action.

I called my counselor and made an appointment. I poured out all the details without holding back, and she confirmed what every counselor on the video had said, it was trauma and I needed to face it.

How could this be happening? I’m the one making these videos!

But it didn’t matter, I needed the help and it didn’t matter my title or experience.

I tell you this very personal story because I’ve been where you are, whether you are a pastor or leader trying to help people with these issues, or an individual facing them on your own.

It’s worth the effort to reach out for understanding and help.

Don’t Miss This Chance!

Whether you’ve experienced trauma or have a loved one who does, or are a pastor or counselor reaching out to help the hurting, I know this course will empower you to take the next steps toward freedom. It did for me and it will for you!

I had to share this with because right now the courses are cut by 20%-34% for a limited time!

Click here and find out more about the course itself.

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