Suicide is Not a Selfish Act

There are a lot of myths surrounding the topic of suicide. The pain for those who suffer from suicidal ideation and their loved ones is vast. Not to mention the families and friends who have lost people to suicide. Because the feelings are so tender, there’s often misunderstandings that go right along with heartache.

Today we’re going to talk about the myth that suicide is a selfish act.

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From the time my husband was a teenager he had thoughts of suicide or suicidal ideation. After we were married he would often make comments that he wished that he could die and threatened to run his car off of a bridge. As his wife, this was terrifying. I didn’t struggle with these kinds of thoughts so I couldn’t relate to his intense hopelessness and feelings of despair. By the time we were married for 10 years he honestly believed that his family would be better off without him. He was weighing us down and having him around was ruining our lives. Although this couldn’t have been further from the truth, these thoughts of worthlessness made him honestly believe that his suicide would be better for us in the long run. They aren’t selfish thoughts but distorted thoughts.

I am grateful that at the height of his suicidality he was diagnosed with Bipolar 2 and started taking a mood stabilizer that changed everything.

My husband is probably the least selfish person that I know. He daily makes decisions that are sacrificial and kind. While he was struggling with suicidal ideation he was not selfish, he was suffering with a mental illness that distorted his judgment and his perception of truth.

There are many reasons that people deal with suicidal thoughts, but suicide is not a selfish act. It’s an act of desperation, a belief that they can no longer go on living in hopelessness, and a cry for a better life beyond this one, not for death.

Even the scriptures show the how real feelings of desperation can be.


From my youth I have suffered and been close to death…You have taken from me friend and neighbor—darkness is my closest friend. Psalm 88:15, 18 (NIV)


Have you ever thought that suicide is a selfish act? What do you think now, in light of what we’ve discussed today? Comment below, I’d love to hear from you!

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National Suicide Prevention Hotline 1-800-273-8255

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