The Psychological Impact of the Pandemic

It won’t be over when it’s over.

Responding to Mental Health Crisis in the Church

The last two years have been an avalanche of stress for pastors and church leaders. His Heart Foundation doesn’t JUST care about mental health. We care about healthy churches! We’re here to provide a one-day conference that will help you to respond to the mental health crisis with practical tools for you and your congregation.

Conference Schedule

Conference Schedule

8:30-9:00 Check-in

9:00-10:00 Main Session

Keynote Speaker: Byron Kehler

10:15-11:15 Breakout Session 1

11:15-11:45 Lunch

11:45-12:45 Breakout Session 2

12:45 Panel

1:15 Dismissal

Speakers & Topics Covered

Keynote Speaker: Byron Kehler, MS
Keynote Speaker: Byron Kehler, MS The Psychological Impact of the Pandemic: It Won't Be Over When it's Over

About Byron: Byron has presented on various childhood trauma recovery themes around the country at churches, social services agencies, public and private schools, colleges, universities, and professional conferences. He has provided humanitarian relief services for natural disasters in Asia after the tsunami and the gulf coast post-hurricane Katrina, training therapists in trauma recovery. He is the author and developer of Story-Informed Trauma Therapy (SITT), for recovery from early childhood trauma. This evidence-based model has been taught to mental health therapists in agencies in New Orleans and the gulf coast following Hurricane Katrina and has been proven effective in improving the lives of trauma survivors.

Julia Garrison LMHC, LPC
Julia Garrison LMHC, LPC How to Respond to Suicidal Thoughts and Actions
Topic: Suicidality

Session Synopsis: While the topic of suicide may bring up distressing feelings and thoughts, as ministry workers we have an opportunity to provide safe relationship and effective intervention to those hurting. In this training, you will grow your suicide literacy. We will focus on identifying barriers to effective communication, explore creative interventions, and brainstorm over what it looks like to create support seeking environments and relationships.

About Julia: Julia is a licensed professional counselor, speaker, and mental health teacher. She is tenderly passionate about coming alongside others and equipping and encouraging them through the pains and confusions of life. Julia grounds her influence out of Biblical truths and integrates how people heal and grow from the fields of psychology and neuroscience. She has a passion for helping the helper and equipping others in the areas of mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

Chris Potter, Pastor, MA., SITT
Chris Potter, Pastor, MA., SITTEngaging the Whole Story - Creating Ministry Spaces for Hurting People.
Topic: Creating Safe Spaces

Session Synopsis: : If we do the hard work of making our churches a safe space for hurting people to come, how do we build ministries, groups, and leaders equipped to love and care for them? In this session, we will both look at why our ministry models must change to meet the current need and also re-think what types of leaders we pursue to shepherd these spaces.

About Chris: Chris is the Pastor of Discipleship and Community Life and Campus Pastor at Kessid Church. He is a counselor at Story NW Counseling Services and is enthusiastic about guiding people on their pathway to healing. If you spend five minutes with Chris you will find someone who is passionate about his faith, and committed to being the kind of counselor who listens well and asks amazing questions. He is trained in Story Informed Trauma Therapy (SITT).

Kimberly Dudley, LMHCA, RPCA
Kimberly Dudley, LMHCA, RPCAHow to Navigate Compassion Fatigue
Topic: Compassion Fatigue

Session Synopsis: As helpers and healers we’re very familiar with the constancy of need around us, but do we know how to recognize the signs and symptoms that we’re reaching the end of our own limitations? Let’s chat about the thing we all hate to hear most, “You need to do some self-care.”

About Kim: Kimberly is a therapist specializing in trauma recovery. In addition to private practice, she is a domestic violence advocate, speaker and trainer with specialized training in interpersonal neurobiology, story-informed trauma therapy, and brain-spotting. Her background is in inner-city ministry to teen parents and she is currently working on her first book parenting teens with trauma stories. She holds a MA in Clinical Counseling from Western Seminary.