COVID-19 might as well be a synonym for uncertainty, and facing uncertainty is never comfortable. At His Heart Foundation, we are in this right along with you. You may relate to some of our staff members’ stories…

Stories of Uncertainty

“I’ve experienced a lot of anxiety during this quarantine, worrying a lot about my mother who is immunocompromised, and other concerns that weigh heavy on my heart. Even though there’s a lot of uncertainty, I’ve also had some of the most profound and beautiful moments with God during my time in scripture and prayer, as well as watching my mom walk in grace and joy in the Lord despite her circumstances!”  -Rachael Yonko, Executive Assistant to the Director of Mental Health

“I’m in several of the high-risk categories for COVID-19, and I just found out that I most likely have walking pneumonia. My wife and I miss seeing our children and grandchildren so much! I am trusting the Lord with my life, but there is obviously a lot out of my control.” -Wayne Sommers, Executive Director

“We had a big year planned with many milestone events.  We have a lot of unknowns regarding the three family weddings (including my daughter’s in October).  Our son’s college graduation in May has been canceled, and his exciting summer job traveling the country as well.  It looks like a tough season for job hunting for new graduates. God is not surprised by any of this. We know that even through our struggles.” -Kathy Hansberry, MENTORSUCCESS™ Program Administrator

“As it is with many single folks living on our own at this time, out of respect to the guidelines of social isolation, my six-foot bubble extends to, well, practically everyone! While the blessings of technology give us the ability to keep in touch with our loved ones, I will never again underestimate the ability to hug a friend in greeting or sit down closely with family members for a meal.” -Kathryn Anderson, MentorSuccess™ Program Development Coordinator

“My son and his lovely fiancé have been looking forward to their wedding day for over a year, and are now postponing until July 19th. We are hopeful that we can gather together for their special day. On top of that, my daughter was scheduled to graduate from high school on June 4th. Everything is up in the air, and we have no idea if there will be a ceremony.” -Angela Howard, Director of Mental Health

Overcoming Uncertainty During COVID-19

Our brains can easily respond with fear and anxiety when facing uncertainty, but we can choose to engage our minds and focus our thoughts on the truth. 

  1. Let Go of Control: There are many things in life we can’t control, and the COVID-19 pandemic is one of those things. However, we can switch our thoughts from “Everything in life is out of control” to “This uncertainty isn’t ideal, but I can accept it, and get through it.”
  2. Focus on What Really Matters: There are some decisions that will make or break this time, and others that are minor. Take time to assess your values, your life mission, and Biblical perspective. This will help you balance your priorities.
  3. Stay Positive: Sometimes, it’s easy to be self-protective and prepare for disappointment. If this is you (this is me!), go against your natural tendencies, and focus on the positive. Try to imagine the best-case scenario or outcome for your current situation. Imagine how you might feel when that happens. 
  4. Check Out Some Memorials: Throughout the Old Testament in the Bible, there are examples of memorials—pillars or stones set up to commemorate what God had done for His people. Let’s do the same and look back on our lives, or even the lives of people we love, and tell some stories of what God has done to help us through hard times. Reflecting on what has helped us in the past will often inspire us to shed our worries about current troubles.
  5. Practice Gratitude: The best way to counter our brain’s natural negativity bias is to write out things you are grateful for each day. In the middle of chaos and uncertainty, this practice is even more crucial. 
  6. Be Outward Focused: It’s pretty difficult to get wrapped up in our own fear and anxiety when we are checking on a friend, dropping off flowers for a family member, or finding a way to help a neighbor in need. God created us with purpose and meaning. When we forget that, we become more self-focused. What is one thing you can do each day to see the bigger picture?

At His Heart, we are praying that you will overcome uncertainty during the COVID-19 epidemic. If you are struggling and feel like you need some help to do that we would love to connect you to a counselor who can help you (telehealth appointments are available!).

“Humble yourselves, therefore, under God’s mighty hand, that He may lift you up in due time. Cast all your anxiety on Him because He cares for you.” 1 Peter 5:6-7

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