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Our Purpose

Counselor Referrals . Educational Outreach .

Serving local churches by offering hope and healing for mental health: one referral, one resource, one life at a time.

Christian Counselors

Be confident that your counselor holds the same core christian values and beliefs you do.

All The Options

We match insurances and try and find all possible financial options for you.

The Perfect Fit

We match you with a counselor who specializes in your struggle.

* His Heart Foundation is only offering advice and referrals to licensed counselors. We are not licensed counselors and do not have the authority to offer counseling.

Online Education

His Heart Foundation is breaking the stigma of mental illness by educating local churches and individuals, so that they will know that there is hope and healing for their minds, bodies, souls, and relationships. We accomplish this through:

Clients Being Restored
Vetted Counselors

Uniting to break the stigma of mental illness in the church.

Partner Churches
Mental Health Coalition Churches

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Statement of Faith

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