Empowering those fighting mental illness and their loved ones; supporting them with practical information, and emotional and spiritual support.

We are here to HELP:

Offering Hope, Encouragement, Love, and Prayer

Support Group Details

US Digital Outreach Center at 1400 NE 136th Ave, Vancouver, WA 98684

Thursday nights: Oct. 5th- Nov. 9th in the Conference Center 6:30pm-8:30pm

Special Speakers:

Evening Outline:

6:30-7:30: Special speaker offers helpful and practical education, along with a Q&A time.

7:30-8:30: The two groups will split apart to offer hope, encouragement, and prayer.

Step One: Please fill out the Application

Applications must be completed in order to participate in the support group. This is not a therapy group, but a support group. It doesn’t replace counseling. If you are in an emergency, please call 911 or call The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1.800.273.8255. 

We start on time and end on time. We are all in different places in this mental health journey. We will all practice grace, love, and forgiveness.

Attendance: Your presence affects the group and you will be expected to attend both hours of the support group unless there are extraordinary circumstances. We will all give and receive and this is a crucial commitment.

Download and fill out via print out or use FREE online pdf editor and email Application(s) back to angela.howard@hisheartfoundation.org