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701, 2021

How Kids Are Dealing With No In Person School

We’d love to hear from you today, comment below. No more confusion or wondering how you’ll face the roller coaster of life with mental illness. Mental Health Academy is here to take the mystery away, and give you the knowledge and the tools you need to have relationships that last! The time is NOW to get our first course: Trauma. Please subscribe for videos on our Youtube Channel for our amazing resources. I’ll be sharing great tips and encouragement for whatever your facing—whether you’re fighting mental illness or have a loved one who is.

2312, 2020

Merry Christmas From His Heart Foundation

This year's pandemic has created a great need for funds to help those in need of mental health counseling. Will you please provide a scholarship for a young teen Samantha* whose family has been hit hard financially by COVID-19. She is struggling with severe anxiety and needs to connect with a counselor as soon as possible so that she can find peace and hope. I pray that whatever circumstances you find yourself in, you will feel the presence of God in the midst of your joy or sorrow. We are confident that He is faithful and [...]

1612, 2020

The NEED is URGENT Find out WHY from Pastor Wendell!

We invite you to watch this TIMELY message from Pastor Wendell Robinson. It highlights exactly WHY you are partnering with His Heart Foundation to fight this CRISIS of mental illness. THANK YOU for giving and THANK YOU for praying!! Here's how far we have come: NOW is the time to make DOUBLE the IMPACT with your giving. What a tremendous opportunity to show people that Jesus loves them in their brokenness and desperation! We can be a representation of that powerful LOVE, GRACE, and HOPE today! Give Now "The Lord is close to the brokenhearted, and saves those who are crushed in spirit.” Psalm 34:18 [...]

1612, 2020

How to Thrive this Holiday Season

So, here it is 2020 and the holiday season is upon us. Joy, wonder, peace? Despair, grief, anxiety? Maybe all the above. Let us highlight a few things we can do to survive [or even thrive] this holiday season.  “It is what it is.” There is a premise in some theories of counseling that poses that much of our suffering comes from how we react to difficult events in our lives. To lessen our suffering, we can aim to acknowledge what is without getting wrapped up in criticism or judgment towards ourselves or others. This is usually [...]

112, 2020

Giving Tuesday 2020

We are so excited to share the latest update in the matching funds campaign! YOU ARE MAKING A DIFFERENCE!!! We are getting closer to the goal because of YOUR GENEROSITY!  If 58 people gave $1000 we would reach our goal! If 116 people gave $500 we would reach our goal!! If 577 people gave $100 we would reach our goal!! We know that as we work together we will reach those who are feeling the hopelessness of today's crisis. People like Abby*... Abby's parents reached out for a counselor for her when they had nowhere else to turn. She was struggling [...]

1911, 2020

Restorative Creativity: Art and the Healing Journey

Restorative Creativity: Art and the Healing Journey For many who enter the doors of a therapist office, finding words to accurately honor painful and abusive experiences is an ongoing challenge. For those with PTSD, Complex Trauma and Dissociative Disorders, gaining access to and giving an account of the trauma can be profoundly difficult. Offering “Restorative Creativity” sessions to assist in processing traumatic experiences has given many clients a visual language with which to explore unprocessed, fragmented layers of their history. The power of visual imagery and the collaging of multiple images that feel like “they need to [...]

The Mental Health Academy is here to take the mystery away, and give you the knowledge and the tools you need to have relationships that last! No more confusion or wondering how you’ll face the roller coaster of life with mental illness.


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