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2110, 2020

Do I have Postpartum PTSD, Anxiety, or Birth Trauma?

At the time of this writing, mothers all over the country and the world are getting pregnant and giving birth during a global pandemic. These are unprecedented times, and new mamas are navigating pregnancy and childbirth where environmental factors are affecting and changing birthing experiences. Women may dream about their newborn baby's birth for many years, with hope, excitement, and expectation for this life-changing moment in their lives. Today, expectant mothers must deal with the complications COVID-19 creates for their birthing experiences and any unexpected birth trauma that may arise. Women, in great numbers, endure many types [...]

710, 2020

Help Your Marriage Survive the Pandemic

In every relationship, couples have natural ways they connect and natural ways they have conflict.  When life is easy the connecting part is easy and the conflict can be more easily be overlooked.  As life becomes more stressful connecting gets harder while the conflicts get exposed.  Stressors Expose Conflicts  There are several stressors that can have this affect on a marriage such as parenting, career challenges, other family relationships, health issues and any major life changes.  Since at least March most marriages have been impacted in some way by the stress of the Coronavirus pandemic as it [...]

2909, 2020

The Impact Of COVID-19 On Teenagers

We are wired to connect with others; at our core we are social beings. A major task for a teenager is to develop and form his or her identity, this development diverges from mom and dad and shifts toward peers in the teenage years. Due to COVID, teens are more disconnected than ever. One of the major paradoxes we have seen over the recent years, is the rise of social media and the furthered disconnection of our youth. The COVID crisis parallels and exacerbates the social media paradox, our teens are experiencing major isolation and it is [...]

909, 2020

The Impact of Honesty

"Honesty is such a lonely word, but mostly what I need from you." -Billy Joel Honesty in Relationships If relationships are built on trust, honesty is the mortar that holds the foundation together. I’ve heard it once said, “When you lie, you make yourself a stranger to me.” Think about that. When someone you care about deceives you, what you thought to be true is not, and a little bit of the reality of your relationship is either reshaped or shattered. At least that element of your understanding of your connection makes them like a stranger. Honesty [...]

2608, 2020

Why Does it Take Couples So Long to Seek Help?

Tiffany sits in front of me with her face in her hands, crying. Beside her, Eric, Tiffany’s husband, sits, arms folded, with the look on his face “here we go again.” This is not their first time talking about this issue. It is probably the hundredth time. As a Counselor (Gil), this scenario plays out way too often. The previous ninety-nine times of this discussion were probably met with, “we don’t need help, we can figure this out ourselves.” This is a trap of not only immaturity but pride. The best time to get help is when [...]

1908, 2020

How Mental Illness Affects Friendships

The Grant Study attempted to define the good life by tracking the lives of nearly three hundred Harvard men. The study began in 1937, when the men were sophomores, and it followed them for more than seventy years through war, career, marriage, divorce, parenting, grand-parenting, retirement, and old age. George Valliant directed the study for four decades, and when asked, “What have you learned from the Grant Study men?” he replied, “That the only thing that really matters in life are your relationships to other people.” Relationships are the only thing that really matters. That’s a [...]

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