We all desire good feelings and we try to avoid unpleasant ones. That’s how I created the habit of having coffee every morning. Most of the time habits can be positive, but when our habits turn into compulsions and addictions they’re not good for our souls. So are we totally at the mercy of these compulsions or is there hope for addiction?

Today we’re going to address the question: Is There Hope for Addiction?

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There is Hope for Addiction!

The answer is yes! God’s greatest work is redemption, restoration, and transformation. When you choose to surrender your life to God, Romans 8:11 says “The Spirit of God, who raised Jesus from the dead, lives in you.” We don’t have to change on our own, His Spirit is working in us for that transformation and on top of that He created our brains to respond to that change. In fact science is discovering the proof of that all the time. Watch the video in the notes below explaining just how it works.

Why is there hope for change?

#1 We are created to be transformed.

This is biologically the way that God designed us.

#2 We can choose to engage our will.

That’s why God’s word is such a powerful part of the equation.

Be careful what you think, because your thoughts run your life. Proverbs 4:23 (NCV)

Set your minds on things above, not on earthly things. Colossians 3:2 (NIV)

Change your brain by focused attention on scripture.

Another one of the most hopefully choices we can make is discipleship.

#3 We must choose discipleship.

Sometimes we hear a word or a phrase in church circles and it’s talked about so much that it really loses its meaning.

A disciple is defined as a learner. A disciple of Jesus is someone who is coming to learn from him, not just passively, but with the intention to apply what is learned.

My dad used to say that “Knowledge does not equate maturity.”

We can know a lot about God. We can know a lot about the Bible. We can quote scriptures and appear to have a handle on the truth. But until we are intentionally applying it to our lives, and submitting ourselves to God, we won’t see change or any lasting transformation.

Honestly, discipleship doesn’t happen in isolation. It happens most effectively when you let people into your lives. It happens when you let them see your stuff.

There’s a reason Jesus traveled around with a small group of 12. Their real flaws showed through. James and John had a mother who was angling for them to have the top seats of power. Peter was brash and impulsive. He rarely took an opportunity to keep His mouth shut.

If you have some flaws, then you’re in good company. Reach out for discipleship. Let people into your life.

This can take many different forms:

  • Meeting weekly with a friend.
  • Reaching out for counseling. If you are interested in that. Connect in the link below.
  • You might need to get some in-patient treatment. There’s no shame in doing this. It takes bravery to be honest about where you’re at.
  • Maybe you need accountability or a support group.
  • It might be that medication is a good tool as well.

Don’t stay “nailed to” your addiction. Jesus is offering you grace and freedom and it starts with one step


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Further Information:

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Connect to a counselor: 

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