Hi, I’m Angela, I have a husband with bipolar 2 disorder, my kids have ADHD, and I myself have struggled with depression—YOU’RE NOT ALONE!

This week’s mental health tips are about getting organized if you have adult ADHD.

Managing ADHD as adult can be challenging. Feeling like you are behind and always trying to catch up is discouraging, but there are some tips that can get you headed in the right direction. Let’s start with eliminating clutter.

If you want to make go for the big guns you can hire an ADHD coach. I put some links in the notes below. But if you want to start on a small scale you have a few options:

Find a friend or family member for organizational support. You’ll want someone who is good at organizing, listening, and accepts and understands your ADHD, and can keep you on track. You can do it a few different ways.

  1. Have a friend come over and offer the encouragement of presence. My sister says this is a huge boost for her. It helps her stay on track and makes organizing more fun.
  2. Some people like to have someone who can also be a little more hands on and be an extra set of hands. They can help you set up boxes for: Keep It, Donate It, Throw It. It will make the process go a lot faster and is a good choice if you have a plan in place a head of time.
  3. Another option is to have someone help you make a plan. They can suggest a way to organize and you can brainstorm together about whether it will work for you or not. It’s important to remember that the system needs to make sense to you. For some projects you may just want to get it done and over with and having someone who is skilled and can help you make it happen is a great option.

Lastly, why does clutter matter?

Aren’t some people just messy and it’s no big deal? It is true that everyone has their own idea of clean. But according to a Cornell University study from 2016, stress triggered by clutter may also trigger coping and avoidance strategies, like eating junk food, oversleeping or binge-watching Netflix. Clutter triggers stress and no one needs more stress.


The LORD gives strength to his people; the LORD blesses his people with peace. Psalm 29:11


What organization tips have worked for you? I’d love to hear from you today, comment below.

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