After a weekend of eating, visiting, and shopping…
Tuesday is dedicated to GIVING.

Have you ever had a loved one, friend, or relative who was facing a mental health crisis and didn’t know where to turn? His Heart Foundation wants you to know that you’re not alone. With over 43 million Americans suffering with mental illness in a given year we know that this is a very real issue and YOU can be a part of the solution for families like Bill and Melissa.

Bill had just moved back home after a diagnosis with both PTSD and Bipolar 1 disorder. Melissa was completely discouraged because the transition was not smooth sailing. There were set backs with medication and alcohol abuse, and she felt an overwhelming anxiety for both her husband and herself.  She didn’t know what the next steps were and felt trapped and hopeless. How was she supposed to care for both their toddler daughter and now husband who was on disability?

Melissa was breaking down in her church small group, with her friends, snapping at her daughter, and had no relationship with her husband. She was exhausted. Even though she was going through the motions of reading her Bible, praying and going to church, she felt dry and disconnected from God. She was angry and didn’t know what to do next. She wondered how to transition from the years of trauma and her husband’s psychotic episode to a stable life and a strong marriage where she could forgive and work through everything.

Have you been where Melissa was? Well God knew just what she needed and he knows what you need too. Two different people told her about His Heart Foundation. Melissa and I met together and I was able to encourage her with the truth that there is hope for healing in both her marriage and her husband’s mental illness. I set her up with counseling referrals for her husband and a marriage counselor so they could start to rebuild their lives.

Melissa said this…
“HHF was truly an answer to prayer. I don’t feel like I have to navigate this by myself. God really used HHF to move me along in His will. I was crying out and clinging to God, but I didn’t have the next steps to take. I now have a new direction, hope, and perspective as I work on restoring my marriage and supporting my husband.”

That’s why His Heart exists. That’s why we’re asking for your help starting on GIVING TUESDAY November 27th through Sunday December 2nd–Our goal is to raise $5000 to help families just like Bill and Melissa.

Here’s a breakdown of how your gifts can make a difference:
$10…buys a book for our mentoring program
$25…sponsors counseling for those in need
$50…provides training for two mentors
$100…brings mental health training to our local churches
If 10 people give $100 that’s $1000. If we do that for 5 days we will meet our goal of $5000.

The clock is ticking for those who are suffering and in need of the very resources that His Heart Foundation can provide. Give today and be a part of transforming lives!

Next Steps:
1. Give today!
2. Check to see if your employer will match your gift here:
3. Take an #UNselfie saying “I gave to @HisHeartFoundation #GivingTuesday” for November 27, 2018 and share it on Social Media.
4. Share this post with your friends!

Angela Howard
Director of Mental Health and Communications


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