We are so excited to share the latest update in the matching funds campaign! YOU ARE MAKING A DIFFERENCE!!!

We are getting closer to the goal because of YOUR GENEROSITY! 

If 58 people gave $1000 we would reach our goal!
If 116 people gave $500 we would reach our goal!!
If 577 people gave $100 we would reach our goal!!

We know that as we work together we will reach those who are feeling the hopelessness of today’s crisis. People like Abby*…

Abby’s parents reached out for a counselor for her when they had nowhere else to turn. She was struggling after a big move where she left all of her friends behind, only to find herself in the middle of social isolation due to COVID-19. This otherwise bright student was struggling in school and having nightmares that left her fearful and desperate for help. On top of that the family had a medical crisis that caused a financial need.

Praise God for people like you who have donated faithfully! We were able to provide a scholarship and Abby made a great connection with her counselor. She spent four months in counseling and is back on her feet again!

That’s why we wanted to tell you about some great ways that you can MULTIPLY your giving TODAY on GIVING TUESDAY!!

Give Hope to the Hopeless:
1. Give in our matching funds campaign HERE.
2. Do a personal Facebook Fundraiser for His Heart Foundation.
3. Give through Smile Amazon and watch all your purchases add up for HHF. Sign up HERE.
4. Sign up to be a monthly donor HERE.
5. Share our emails with a friend!
6. Ask your employer if they will match your giving!

Special Provision from the IRS: 
Reminder!  The Cares Act is allowing an additional $300(single) $600(joint) in tax return deductions on any cash donations to our non-profit (even if you take the standard deduction!). For more information see this article by the IRS HERE.

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Next Steps:

No more confusion or wondering how you’ll face the roller coaster of life with mental illness. Mental Health Academy is here to take the mystery away, and give you the knowledge and the tools you need to have relationships that last! The time is NOW to get our first course: Trauma.

Please subscribe for videos on our Youtube Channel for our amazing resources. I’ll be sharing great tips and encouragement for whatever your facing—whether you’re fighting mental illness or have a loved one who is.