This year as everyone has been impacted by this worldwide emergency. Crisis hotlines throughout the country have seen an increase in calls because of the COVID-19 pandemic. There are many triggers right now for past traumas, domestic abuse, mental health issues, severe stress, and unemployment.

But YOU can make a difference. This is what Jessica said about the impact of YOUR donations…

Jessica’s Story
“Because of your financial help, I have been able to keep meeting with my counselor, Renee!  It has been such a massive blessing. In the last month, I have experienced more freedom than I ever thought possible – specifically from postpartum anxiety/insomnia and trauma.  Also, my ten years of chronic headaches have gone from almost daily to just a couple times a week.  I really believe it’s tied to getting free from emotional burdens.  I will be forever grateful to your foundation for making it possible for me to find freedom like this!  There is still so much I want to talk with Renee about in the months to come. I’m so excited!  This has truly been life-changing!”

Double YOUR Impact!
#GivingTuesday also coincides with our matching funds campaign. So far, generous donors like YOU have given $17,333. Those funds will be matched dollar for dollar. If we reach 50,000 all of the funds will be DOUBLE matched to $150,000.

This #GivingTuesday, give the gift of hope by helping those struggling with their mental health, access to counseling in their time of need. Let’s join together today and watch what God will do to transform one life at a time!

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With hope,

Angela Howard
Director of Mental Health and Communications

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