Fighting Anxiety with Your 5 Senses

Sometimes coping with anxiety feels like an impossible task, but there is hope! We actually have what we need right here with us 24/7. Keep watching and find out how to successfully fight anxiety.

Today we’re going to talk about fighting anxiety with your five senses.

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When anxiety hits, we have some automatic responses, one of which is when our bodies release cortisol and adrenaline. This is a very real biological reaction, but there are some things you can do to fight anxiety in a time of stress.

What I love about this technique is that you can do it anywhere and you don’t need to have anything with you except yourself! It’s all about your five senses and this is how it works:

  • 5—Find five things you can see, and name them out loud. For example: I can see the camera, the bookshelf, the closet and so on.
  • 4—Find four things you can feel or touch, and say them out loud. For example: I can feel zipper on the back of shirt, I can feel the nail polish on my nails, I can touch the metal of my watch…you get the idea.
  • 3—Find three things you can hear, and say them out loud. For example: I can hear myself breathing, I can hear the clock ticking, and I can hear the cars driving on the road.
  • 2—Find two things you can smell, and say them out loud. You don’t have to stay in one place. You might want to go outside a smell a flower, or in another room a find a fragrant candle.
  • 1—Find one thing you can taste. Maybe you can still taste the mint from your toothpaste or you can simply say your favorite thing to taste.

Finally, take a deep breath to end the process.

Being mindful of our senses and our surroundings helps us to listen for God and release our anxious thoughts.


Test me, Lord, and try me, examine my heart and my mind; for I have always been mindful of your unfailing love and have lived in reliance on your faithfulness. Psalm 26:2-3 (NIV)


What tools have helped you fight anxiety? Comment below, I’d love to hear from you!

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