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Fri. 6 PM – 9 PM | Sat. 9 AM – 2 PM


Our prayer is that anyone in the midst of suffering can experience a fresh outpouring and revelation of the HOPE found in Jesus. Through creative expression, stories, songs of lamentation and praise as well as sound Biblical teaching on a theology of suffering you will be brought through an experience that echoes Jesus’s work on the cross, His death, and His resurrection. The event theme is adapted from the U-Shaped Diagram of Healing coined by Cathy Loerzel. This conference will directly address the impacts of suffering including sexual abuse, grief/loss, and suicidal ideations.


• Pastor Bryan Davenport — God Hates Suffering; Theology of Suffering

• Sarah Glassett — Testimony & Teaching

• Anna Smith — Original Song

• Pastor Aaron Brown & Pastor Tasi Salanoa — Worship

• Julia Garrison — Choosing Life

WHY NOW? Late winter has been notorious for episodes of depressed mood, death urges, and hopelessness. No matter the contributing factors that are causing feelings of overwhelm, dread, hopelessness, anger, or numbness (to name a few) there is HOPE in your story and for your future.

WHO is the conference for? Ages 12 and up; men and women. It’s highly recommended to bring someone you have a relationship with who NEEDS HOPE right now, questions God’s nature in the midst of evil/pain, and/or who desires to be in a place of worship that honors the presence of the Holy Spirit.


• $30 (lunch included)


• Event Playlist

• Event Podcast Playlist​


Heritage Church offers childcare during conferences through reservation only. Childcare availability is for those who would not be able to attend the event unless they had this support. Childcare workers will be scheduled according the reservations made in advance. Please make a reservation and receive confirmation from Pastor Jess to know you have a spot secured.

  1. To reserve a spot for your child/ren, that are Birth to 10 years old, please email Pastor Jess HERE

  2. Title the email with the name of the conference – childcare reservation.

  3. Please contact Pastor Jess if you need to cancel your reservation.

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