Do I have Burnout? 3 Questions That Will Let You Know. This is a critical conversation you need to have with yourself to protect not only you, your sanity, and your health but for those on your team and in your family.

  1. Am I less sympathetic of people that are around me?
  2. Am I feeling easily irritated with problems, coworkers, or the team around me?
  3. Am I having negative thoughts about my role that I am not familiar with?

The first step towards recovery is simply to acknowledge I am burning out or really close.

There is something called “The Stress Cycle”

1. Move Into stress mitigation

2. What we can do to prevent an ultimate burnout.

Next week “How to stop a burnout before it’s too late”

Burnout is real.

You are not alone in it!

Are you headed for Burnout? Are you trying to get out of Burnout? We would love to hear your comments on our conversation with Mellisa Parnell LPC, Executive Coach at Ensight Partners


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