Some days written words aren’t easily accessible. I stare at blank pages and wonder where the words are.  They are buried deep behind my doubts, insecurities and a brain that skips around like flashing lights and lasers at a roller rink.  It takes confidence, patience and a commitment to hang on to produce something good.

Like everybody else, I want friends but sometimes making new friends feels as complicated as finding my words. I have been blessed with good, loyal friends and I treasure each one of them.  However, it also takes confidence, patience and a commitment to be open to new relationships – to enter an arena of strangers.  Especially when everything in me screams that isolation and solitude would be a safer choice.

To put oneself “out there” to meet new people is necessary to avoid the toxicity of solitude but feels as unnatural as a full blooded Korean with bleach blond hair! As a child I wanted golden hair like Nellie Olson but that isn’t the way I was made. I was made with natural black thick asian hair.  I was also made to be in community with others. To learn from them, enjoy them and share life with them.

Meeting new people can be anxiety producing and scary but I have made the choice to add to my community.  I need people in my life and perhaps some of them need me. So, this weekend I will engage a new group of strangers, with hopes some will become pleasant acquaintances and perhaps friends. Like mining for words I will dig deep and resolve to be open to potential friendships. I challenge you to do the same.

Every one of us, so unique and distinct from everybody else, with all our imperfections and frailties, has something to share with the world. There is no greater gift you can give the world than to pass on your personal legacy of thought, emotion, passion, faith and love. Let’s do it.

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