Counseling is a process, not a straight line. But we are so glad that we have kept going. His Heart connected us with Carrie and she has been great. I would recommend her highly.


I closed my counseling office in January of 2017 to go into full-time ministry as Children’s Pastor at Church on the Rock. However, I did not anticipate the counseling requests that still came to me through my transition. HHF has given me such peace of mind, as I have been able to work with them to find good referrals that I can trust for the individuals that were coming to me for care. Through HHF I have found a standard of excellence that I can be confident in. What a blessing HHF has been to this community and to me.

Pastor Mandi McIsaac Pastor

We have utilized the counseling referrals programs at His Heart Foundation in order to serve our church members, especially when a specialized need arises. We would recommend their services without reservation.

Pastor Greg Young Crossroads Community Church

Angela Howard is truly a caring and a dynamic leader for His Heart Foundation. It has been an honor and a privilege to partner with His Heart Foundation: “Transforming one life at a time.”

Mae Soderquist-Bell LMHC, LPC

His Heart has made it possible for clients who would have otherwise slipped through the cracks to get the mental health services they need at a price they can afford. The staff stop at nothing to help the church and the counseling community work in concert with each other to help build a healthier community.

Rebecca Lomeland LMHC

I knew that my son needed counseling. I also knew it would be a process, but I’m sure I would have been lost on how to even get started or who to go to if it had not been for His Heart Foundation and my friend who referred me to them. I know for certain the difference it has made having this entire process covered in prayer. I am positive and have hope, and I believe my son does, too.

Heather Mother

His Heart Foundation is a unique ministry helping people learn more, ask questions and find the right Christian counselor.

Bart Fowler Doctor

I needed a female counselor. My insurance couldn’t provide me with one. His Heart helped me to find what I needed and also helped with the cost. They continue to encourage me with prayers.


My experience with His Heart Foundation was excellent. They worked well with the person that I referred to them and were able to do so in a concise and clear fashion. As a pastor, I greatly appreciated their thoroughness and follow through. I highly recommend them as an excellent and viable resource.

Wayne Sommers Pastor

As a founder and CEO of a local counseling practice, I am impressed with this foundation. Recently, this organization came out to my business interviewing my team and understanding both my vision and my practice. This process allows the foundation to partner with the local church in order to match individuals with counseling practices across our community. I look forward to working with this group, and I would recommend that our community connects with them and utilize the services offered by His Heart Foundation.

Joe Klemz LICSW