I bought a dodo . . . And other things that aren’t true.

I received an email today from an unknown source requesting my bank account information so they “can do a bank transfer for the payment of the dodo you purchased.” I didn’t buy a dodo. I didn’t send them my bank account information. I probably won’t get the bird I didn’t purchase.

Covid culture is a new and uncertain time for all of us. It has us isolated, stir crazy and reprioritizing what is essential for our lives to continue with some sense of normalcy.  We have  been given a dodo we didn’t want. And as of now we aren’t allowed to shake this bird.  We are stuck with it.

Everybody copes with the unwanted and undesirable things in life in different ways. Some chose to ignore the unpleasantness, some divert or distract themselves from it and some hit it head on and try to change the situation. Far as I can see changing the situation isn’t an option. The government has imposed unprecedented restrictions to our lives. Ignoring covid is also not an option. As if the changes in our daily life structure are not enough, news and social media is a swarm of information of both reputable and ridiculous nature.

So, we are left with diversion and distraction. Physically I have been distracting myself with a book, craft project and mindless tv. Mentally it is tougher to distance myself from the anxieties and inconveniences this season presents. Its easier to distract the body than the mind. However, my mental health and spiritual health are priorities. I have found a few things that have helped.

  1. I am reading a book with friends. Having a like minded community to talk with about things of mutual interest is mentally stimulating and uplifting.
  2. I am following a daily Bible reading plan.  This has become an intentional and uplifting time of the day. I feel like I am connected with the Church by reading a prescribed plan along with so many others. I’m part of something bigger than myself.
  3. I am focusing on what I have and expressing gratitude for what we have been given. I know this circumstance is so hard for so many and I also realized my family has been blessed and slightly insulated from the covid casualties in so many ways. I want to be sure and give thanks for all the good I see and experience.
  4. I know its serious. I know people are dying and terribly ill.  I also know that all of us need a modicum of joy and laughter.  Laughing at the silly, the odd, and the foibles help keep our hearts light.

We can’t shake the dodo but we can live well in spite of its intrusion.

Next Steps:

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